"Employers Meeting" Held in Kabul in Preparation for the Graduation of The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute's (ATVI) Inaugural Class

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - On March 25th, 2008, USAID Public Sector, in partnership with ATVI, held the first of a series of events scheduled through April 2008, titled "Employer's Meeting: Building Careers for Vocational Students". The seminar was led and largely organized by Ambassador Sardar Roshan, Executive Director of ATVI, and was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, and was implemented in part by the Student Leadership Team of ATVI.

The Employer's Meeting highlighted ATVI's accomplishments, especially the achievements of its first graduating class. The Employer's Meeting also emphasized ATVI's capacity to produce qualified candidates in large numbers on a yearly basis in four sectors critical to the country's economical rehabilitation: ICT, Automotive Systems, Construction and Horticulture. "We developed the training courses for these sectors to reflect and supplement the country's needs. Offering a potential workforce the tools necessary to succeed, it will encourage the rebuilding of a war-torn society," said Mr. A. H. Farouki, CEO of ANHAM LLC.

ANHAM LLC, in partnership with the Afghanistan Ministry of Education, USAID, and Knowlogy International funded the construction and first year operation of the Institute. Knowlogy International is a subsidiary of ANHAM LLC, both of whom provided the majority of the funding needed to put ATVI on the road to success.

H.E. Mr. Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Minister of Education, led the event as the Keynote Speaker, announcing the graduates' eligibility for programs in both private and governmental sectors. H.E. Mr. Atmar has been involved with ATVI since its inception in September of 2006. Mr. Donnie Harrington, USAID Acting Deputy Mission Director, offered opening remarks following H.E. Mr. Atmar. USAID has been a critical participant in the funding effort leading to ATVI's construction and development.

The Employer's Meeting was attended by over eighty five firms, the ATVI faculty and Student Leadership Team, as well as US and local government officials and media. The attending firms encompassed all four sectors highlighted by the ATVI curriculum. The majority of the firms participating in the Employer's Meeting are also scheduled to attend the Job Fair. The participating speakers and panelists represented each sector highlighted at ATVI, with men and women equally represented. The prominence of female representation at the Employer's Meeting demonstrated the public's dedication to supporting the education and career development of women in the workplace.

"Everyone involved with ATVI is happy to see the first class of graduates embark on their chosen careers, prepared to fulfill their roles in the rebuilding efforts of Afghanistan as responsible, productive citizens" said Mr. Farouki.

Ambassador Sardar Roshan, Executive Director of ATVI provided closing remarks as well as thanks to all attendees. He emphasized his satisfaction and enthusiasm for the great strides ATVI has made in a year's time, as well as the foundation it has firmly set for its graduating class and current students. Through the cooperation of the Afghanistan Government, private entities, and public institutions, the pool of immediately employable candidates will create a cycle of community and economic development. This will become the source of Afghanistan's rebuilding efforts as they increase productivity, and overcome cultural and social obstacles.

About ATVI

ATVI is a co-educational facility where students are competitively selected through an examination process for the one-year condensed course. ATVI provides training for male and female students, drawn from Kabul, other major cities, and the rural areas. As a co-educational institution designed to support and educate all potentially productive members of Afghan society, ATVI strives to maintain a minimum threshold of 10% female enrollment. ATVI faculty and staff are highly qualified; all hold international educations, degrees, and certifications. More than half of the faculty members hold a Master's degree or higher.

In order to build a self-sufficient, income generating institute, ATVI incorporates profit centers as a major component of its operations. These profit centers benefit the Institute, the local community, and the student as they provide the hands-on experience needed to compound and complement the education provided in the classroom. Designed to be mutually beneficial, the profit centers offer students the opportunity to experience and train for their chosen career in a real-life environment, the local community purchasing the service is charged a competitive and affordable fee, and the provided revenue is used to maintain scholarship programs and facility upkeep.


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